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Smile Now Dental Care has implemented the latest advances in equipment, techniques, dental materials and technology currently available. Recent advances in dentistry can leave you with a much more pleasant experience than you may have had in the past. We can schedule you for shorter appointments if this puts you more at ease or we can reserve a larger block of appointment time for you.

 Here at Smile Now Dental Care, Dr. Kalafatic has made it his goal to provide you with the ability to experience the latest technology, the most current techniques, the products from the most esteemed laboratories and the latest ADA approved dental materials and supplies.  Feel confident in the fact that you are in an office that provides you with the safest technology and equipment and that you are receiving treatment from well informed dental professionals.


Feel free to relax in our comfortable and modern massaging dental chairs.  Should you desire to feel even more at home, we can even provide you with blankets or pillows.  We want to make your dental experience as enjoyable as possible.  You may be surprised at how many of our patients tell us that they actually look forward to visiting our office again because the time that they spend here has been so pleasant.
Relax by watching our Smart TV's or by listening to your favorite music stations on Pandora Radio.  Lay back in our plush massaging dental chairs and enjoy watching television programming of your choice.  You can also bring your own iPods, MP3 players, iPads, etc. for your enjoyment.  The choice is yours!


Only the most current X-ray sensors, X-ray units, and imaging software is used at Smile Now Dental Care.  This minimizes your exposure to X-rays.  Dr. Kalafatic goes a step further by draping all of his patients with LEAD-free X-ray Bibs with thyroid collars for extra protection.

If you have a small mouth or a strong gag reflex, please let us know.  We can use our smallest X-ray sensor for your comfort or we can give you special rinses to reduce your gag reflex.  We will do all that we can to make you comfortable.

ORAL CONSCIOUS SEDATION (Prescribed Medication)

Sedation Dentistry can provide you with a dental experience like no other. Hours can feel like they pass by in just minutes. Medications can be prescribed to help you relax. Dr. Kalafatic can give you a prescription for medication that reduces your anxiety if he determines that you are a good candidate.  

If you are prescribed medication to help you relax, you will remain awake yet calm during treatment.  Anti-anxiety medications have been used for decades because they are safe and effective.  Dr. Kalafatic offers either Nitrous Oxide alone or anti-anxiety medication alone.  For your safety, these two sedation techniques are never combined at Smile Now Dental Care